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Chapter 1

Israel gets Bush's OK


Sean O'Brien sat reading the computer screen behind his massive desk, in his office inside the Paragon Emerald Airways building, on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland. "Well, I see America is in the midst of a hot presidential campaign and Bush has now finally resolved to spend seven hundred billion to repair America's financial foundation," said Sean O'Brien to his secretary.

Before she could reply to Sean, into this office now stormed Harry Kirk, with a worried look on his face saying, "Israel is going to do it! And we think it's going to happen right after these 2008 American Elections, just before the new American president takes office."

"Good God!" exclaimed Sean O'Brien.

"The Americans are giving Israel all the satellite information that Israel needs to pinpoint exactly where all the underground nuclear facilities are in Iran," replied Harry Kirk.

"But Israel would never bomb those facilities without presidential approval from America first," said Sean.

"Evidently they already have it or seem assured presidential approval will be issued," replied Harry Kirk.

Then Sean countered, "But this weak Prime Minister in Israel now may not have enough strength to pull it off."

"No!" replied Kirk, "When it comes to the protection of Israel a majority will always be instantly found to put a final end to this Iranian nuclear problem," Kirk added.

"They will shoot down most of Israel's aircraft," said Sean.

"We strongly believe the Israeli aircraft will only be a subterfuge. We know Israel has several suitcase size atomic devices that our information tells us are going to be smuggled deep into these Iranian atomic underground facilities. Israel will keep flying aircraft formations toward the Iranian border, which will always keep turning back thus making Iran THINK the attack will be coming from the air," Replied Kirk.

"We've got to do something to stop this," replied Sean.

"What on earth can we do?" asked Harry Kirk.

"How many of those new Druids do we have that are operational?" asked Sean.

The Druid was a breakthrough technology weapon that raised itself from the ground and flew by using Mach's Principle and quark spin force just as magnetism used the force of the electron spin. It was the discovery of a wormhole type quark spin strong-force leakage that allowed this new class of Druid type weaponry to be secretly developed in Ireland. Only a select few in the Irish Dáil and Paragon Emerald Airways knew about the new Druid development. No one else in the entire world was even remotely aware that this was even possible. The science of the time precluded even the remotest possibility that this could happen. The strong-force of the quark was believed to be 100% contained totally within the neutron itself. But the flight of these Druids proved this scientific thinking wrong.

"We have 40 Druids but I'd consider only about 25 operational at this time. We have extensive modifications going on now with all the first Druids we produced and these will take months to complete. So these things will not be flyable until the modifications are all finished," said Kirk.

"No accidents yet?" asked Sean.

"You always have accidents during training but no serious accidents yet," replied Kirk.

"I've tried to make certain that only the very best in Ireland are going to fly those Druids," said Sean.

"That's worked out well so far," replied Kirk.

"This new technology is what we need to be developing as fast as we can," said Sean.

"In one sector, we are still using the old method of carrier pigeons for sending messages and it was this that, more or less, broke the ice for us in discovering this coming attack of Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities", said Harry Kirk. "But it's a long story and I'm not about to clutter your mind with that one now," Kirk added.

"When this is all over then you can enlighten me about it fully," replied Sean.

"Even if Israel does it this way, the Moslem world will KNOW these were not accidents and that this was done by a combined effort of Israel and America. Neither Israel nor America has enough oil. Why are they both making enemies with every country selling them the oil that they desperately need to keep their economies going?" asked Harry Kirk.

"That's a question I cannot answer," replied Sean O'Brien. "I'm certainly glad that this second series of Druids will not be using petroleum derived products for power," Sean added.

"Yes, they now use the very first type of controllable fusion power ever developed", said Kirk. "If we could only use this now to build commercial airliners then this would put Ireland on top of the world in aviation," Said Harry Kirk.

"We would never get landing rights with the rest of the world. And even if we did manage to get some landing rights then those countries would soon cancel them as soon as they saw our distinct advantage of flying with this new Druid type machine. No, it wouldn't work. It's to our advantage, right now, that all this be kept top secret," replied Sean.

"We've got people sniffing around already. Our new batteries are selling around the world like hot cakes. We can't produce enough of them. It's the first battery that makes an electric car practical. Many are already trying to copy our batteries and in Asia factories are already under construction to do just that on a massive scale," said Kirk.

"Let them try but we have the machines that will produce plates that have over 40 times the surface area of anything that they produce so while their batteries will be a step better than conventional batteries, ours will have 40 times the capacity of theirs. The world will continue to demand our batteries and not theirs. They simply don't have the science to understand how to make the molecular configuration of the plates that we use in our batteries. We are not going to let them even get a glimpse of these new plate making machines we've developed. Sure they can take our batteries apart and see our battery plates but they won't know how to exactly duplicate them for a good many years yet and by then we'll be way ahead of them in other areas as well. No, we've got to keep this new science hidden from the world as long as possible," Sean replied.

"These new weapons systems that we have already developed are simply amazing. All our new weapons have "point and shoot" technology. You don't have to worry about calculating range anymore because there is no projectile, therefore no projectile drop. You are no longer firing a projectile that moves in a curved path because of gravity," said Harry Kirk. "Why didn't anyone see this new science?" he asked.

"It's a religious phenomenon," replied Sean. "Even scientists refuse to accept an entirely new scientific religion. Eventually they will all see the light but we are already years ahead of them now and every year that we can keep this secret adds to our ability to stay well ahead of them, probably for more than our lifetime," he added.

"I seriously doubt if there is much we can do now to prevent this nuclear attack on Iran," added Sean. "What we do not want is the wrath of the Moslem world to descend on us as it will now be brought down upon Israel and America," Sean continued.

"We are too close to the Moslem world not to stay on the good side of all of them so being seen as a bit unfriendly toward Americans is going to hurt our relations with America," said Harry Kirk.

"And with England too because she will be seen as taking part in this as well. But a somewhat more anti-American, anti-English confrontational situation has to be our strategy because there are far too many Moslems and too few of us," replied Sean.

Sean continued saying, "Let's get three shifts a day up and running on those new ultra sensitive detectors. I'm going to talk to the Dáil and tell them what we know and discuss these problems. England is fast becoming the most populated country in Europe. We don't want that mob coming here! We have enough people now in Ireland as it is. I'm going to emphasize to the Dáil that with these new detectors we can prevent almost 100% of the illegal immigration and contraband that is now being brought into Ireland via shipping. We are going to start catching these offenders. Most we'll let off on bond but we'll be putting all the Americans and English, that we catch, behind bars. We have plenty of extra Gaol space right now. This is going to make headlines and irritate the Americans and the English. After the Israeli attack on Iran, I want all this irritation to be well played up in the Moslem world press and Arabic satellite coverage. Of course we will stop the illegal Moslems coming in too, which is paramount to our well being but we don't want to play this part of it up much at all in the Moslem world."

"Perfect!" exclaimed Harry Kirk. Will this new American financial fix work?" He then asked.

"It will stop America's money market fund worries. They had to do that fast. It will take, not hundreds of billions but many trillions more, however, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. But as the banks sell the American Government these toxic mortgages at present rock bottom prices -- far less than these banks paid for them -- then this will leave the America's banks more liquid and therefore safer but with far less capital on their books and short of funding for America's business needs. America is heading for inflation plus a stagnating economy, commonly known as stagflation. Americans won't notice the inflation right away because as these banks deleverage, as they are all now doing, then this reduces the money supply, which is the opposite of inflation. But as all these trillions are finally pumped into the banks for not only this toxic mortgage waste but derivatives, hedge funds and credit card defaults, then the inflation will really hit the American public. We'll actually have some banks fail here in Ireland before it is all over with. The entire world is going to be affected by this and it's going to result in many banking changes, especially in America," said Sean.

"This new science should help Ireland in these troubled financial times," said Harry Kirk.

"Yes, it will help us keep our head above water while the financial drowning continues all around us," replied Sean.


For more about this new science see: Schrödinger's Universe



(Chapter 2. Is presently being written.)

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