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Why do we have 3-D plus time or 4D space-time?

Because this is a wave universe.

Scientists will agree we have what is called 3-D plus time or 4D space-time.

4-D consists of one Dimension of time together with three Dimensions of space.

As Milo Wolff stated: "It is important that you realize each electron is a part of every other electron in the universe.".

Mathematical physicist Milo Wolff proved each electron is a scalar, standing wave resonance in phase with the scalar wave resonances of all the surrounding electrons (Mach's principle).

It is this scalar wave resonance that also determines our one dimensional aspect of what we perceive as time.

Space is determined, not by a scalar aspect but the vector aspects that Feynman searched for. . The three dimensions of space are simple transverse wave relationships:

1. These dimensions of space are the aspect of superposition or in-phase waves producing no space or a multiple number of random attractive vector forces and out of phase waves producing space itself or a number of multiple random repulsive vector forces. . There is a finite number of these in-phase, out of phase vector force relationships that WE are TUNED to.

Each of these individual transverse wave vector force relationships is an energy quantum and this is the reason why we have quantum mechanics.

2. These dimensions of space are produced by an infinite spectrum of frequencies. . There is an infinite (unbounded) number of these available frequencies but WE are only TUNED IN to a finite number.

Einstein told us - correctly - that our universe was finite (1. above) yet unbounded (2. above)

This is why, in general relativity, our universe is finite yet unbounded.

This scalar wave--transverse wave relationship is why the concept of the space-time interval works so beautifully in relativity.

However, there is a caveat to all of this:.

caveat to 3D plus time or 4D space-time

Dirac claimed we would find an approximation of how this all worked,

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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