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The T.O.E. that eluded Einstein . . . Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything
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Fitz's Theory of Everything
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Fitz's Theory of Everything:
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We are pleased to bring you Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything: The new Aufbau Laws, therein, give you a simple, crystal-clear "big picture" of unification and they rest on a solid foundation set up by Andre Ampere, George Berkeley, Jean Foucault, Ernst Mach, James Clerk Maxwell and Kurt Godel. These new "A" Laws show Saul Perlmutter to be absolutely correct in that we do have Einstein's cosmological constant---a repulsive force---between all the stars and galaxies in this universe. Fitzpatrick was the very first scientist to point out the fact that we would also have Einstein's principle of equivalence with this equal and opposite force of gravity and therefore we could never distinguish between a repulsive force type steady state universe and an accelerating, expanding universe. So, says Fitzpatrick, Perlmutter's discovered acceleration makes perfect sense.



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