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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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On Thursday, July 17, 2003, at 06:19 AM, Zeus wrote:

> So am I right in assuming that this entire universe can be equated 
> with a sort of waveguide in which all these waves - from surrounding 
> electrons - come to each electron the same as if in a waveguide where 
> they would keep being reflected back to give us not only the scalar 
> wave, that we call the electron, but the 720 degree spin effect too?

Yes. Your overall picture describes well the behavior of charge-related 
scalar waves in the universe, that contribute to each other and form 
the inward waves that indeed move or rotate 720 degrees when reversing 
direction to produce the spin of each electron or positron or proton.

There is no need to term it a waves guide. In fact it is little 
misleading, especially since a wave guide is an electromagnetic device 
on a macro scale. Such e-m waves are not real but are the appearance of 
millions of real scalar wave energy transfers.

In contrast,  the real scalar quantum waves are on the micro quantum 
scale. One by one they are the structure of a single electron but 
contain the waves of all other electrons..

Your recognition of this is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the structure 
of the universe. I guess you realize that the inter-connected wave 
behavior means that each electron or proton, or neutron is also part of 
all the rest and vice-versa. The entire universe is an interconnected 
system of quantum waves.  In a sense, the waves of each particle is a 
hologram of the rest of the universe.  It is awesome and breath-taking 
to think of this immense fact and to realize how few people know it.

Most people imagine that we, on Earth with the Solar system, are a self 
sufficient system. The stars and galaxies we regard as 'decorations in 
the sky'. We could exist just fine without them. No!!  This naive 
concept is absolutely impossible!  The fact is that all the physical 
laws, all the matter of Earth are totally dependent on the existence of 
the millions of billions of other stars. We are ONE with the universe 
but most people don't hardly have a clue to guide their thoughts of it.

It is impossible to even imagine our existence without the rest of the 
universe. We, Earthlings are totally deluded by our self-centered 
concern with our Earthly affairs that blind us to the reality of 
interconnection of  the whole universe.

Zeus, please tell me your reaction to this statement.  Thanks.