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relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Aufbau Laws or "A" LAWS
Unified Field Laws
that apply only to Spinning, Scalar, Standing Wave, Resonances


The Aufbau Laws are simply Ampere's 1825 laws for all SSSWRs
with frequency corrections.

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Stephen Hawking was asked, "Do you think it will be possible to produce a Theory of Everything (Unified Field Theory)?"

"I give it a fifty per cent chance," Hawking answered. Source


Mass is the measure of inertia. Inertia is resistance to change position.

Ernst Mach said our inertia and mass comes from all the entities in space that surround us.

The electron has quantum numbers. This shows the electron has substantial resistance against changing its position.

The electron has slight mass. The electron gets its inertial qualities from same frequency electrons surrounding it.

Our inertia must come from same frequency items that surround us and inertia must be frequency conscious.


Quantum theory shows us this is a frequency universe.

Everything is built from Spinning, Spherical, Standing Wave Resonances. Even though Ampere didn't know this, he gave us the first laws for the behavior of electrons which are a form of SSSWRs.

This leads us to some simple frequency laws.

Using these laws you must see every spin, orbit system as a separate space-time frequency realm.

And you must consider surrounding items of the same frequency.


Scientists fail to see some important things.

In magnetism and chemical binding, electrons ATTRACT each other when their closest sides are moving in the SAME direction.

These laws are correct because, a MINIMUM of space-time is produced between the closest sides of Spinning, Spherical, Scalar Wave, Resonances that are IN THE SAME SCALAR PHASE ANGLE.

By visualizing each spin-orbit frequency reference frame separately, these "A" Laws break down complicated multidimensional problems into an understandable three dimension reference frame. As I explained in numerous places: we must use Bohrs Nobel Prize winning concept of the electron (SSSWR) to visualize these new Laws.

These laws agree with general relativity. They show force as a distortion of space-time.



Aufbau Laws or "A" Laws or Unified Field Laws

* The 1st. "A" Law shows us where all SSSWRs in relative motion produce the least space-time between themselves:

The space time interval is created the LEAST between any two SSSWRs, the closest sides of which "see" themselves spinning or moving on parallel paths in the SAME direction at the same frequency (like gears meshing) or a close harmonic thereof. You can also say these two SSSWRs will ATTRACT each other.


* The 2nd. "A" Law shows us where all SSSWRs in relative motion produce the most space-time between themselves:

Both space and time are created the MOST between any two SSSWRs, the closest sides of which "see" themselves spinning or moving on parallel paths in OPPOSITE directions at the same frequency (like gears clashing) or a close harmonic thereof. You can also say these two objects will REPEL each other.


I use the quoted word "see" to emphasize the world in which these entities actually find themselves.




And please don't forget this:

Why electrons, stars & galaxies repel each other


In 1966 I showed that all of our electrical laws can be attributed to the electron having gyro torque. As the attracting force begins to act, it causes the 90-degree gyroscopic torque to TWIST both totally free electrons AWAY from this initial attracting position.

So because of this gyro torque, two free electrons can never remain in a full attracting position and they will therefore be forced to stay more in a REPELLING position. Therefore free electrons will always end up repelling each other and this repelling is not explained by using this thing called charge: it is explained only by simply using inertial qualities and our new Laws.

This explains charge and the cosmological constant (Einstein).

Use the principle of equivalence (Einstein). We cannot discern the FORCE of gravity from an accelerating contraction.

Neither can we discern the cosmological constant repelling FORCE from an accelerating expansion.

We have this FORCE out there. We do NOT have an accelerating, expanding universe.

We need a paradigm shift from what the universities are telling us.

This FORCE gives us a steady-state universe.


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