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All electrons must have a scalar phase relationship indicating c is not a speed as Viv Pope says.

Seeing the de Broglie wave as a Doppler effect, as you see it, might be sending us a message.

Not only is each FREE spinning electron a tiny magnet but it also has considerable gyro torque providing that you consider the angular momentum of the electron comes because the electron does spin like a top (but in its own spacetime realm - not ours).

Regardless of what quantum theorists say: If you see angular momentum then, even if you can't see the motion causing it, THAT MOTION IS THERE.

I know you don't agree with this but at least accept for now that your scalar resonances will all have a 90 degree gyro torque because I'll accept your position in the end.

We know each spinning electron can be considered a tiny magnet.

To see the correct picture: imagine each electron, in the finite surroundings you mentioned, to be lined up perfectly with electron A so as to attract it: Sort of like one magnet attracting another except in this (quantum) case the attraction does NOT fall off with the square of the distance. Only the number of attracting electron couples fall off with the square of the distance.


The 90 degree gyro torque of this pull will immediately cause electron A, and the one pulling it, to swing out of this attracting alignment and into a MORE REPULSIVE alignment position.

If all surrounding electrons also do this with electron A then this gives the reason electron A repels ALL the other surrounding FREE electrons similar to the way all spinning stars repel all other spinning stars (Einstein's cosmological constant that Saul Perlmutter recently proved exists).

While each of these momentary bindings is a vector force, they ALL add up to the scalar entity, you discovered, in time.

Important also is the fact that while all electrons will have the same phase rate, each - as distance increases - will be slightly further out of phase.


We thus have, more or less, unified the forces via this concept because now we have eliminated the necessity for the ubiquitous concept of charge, which you, yourself termed shaumlommen.

Now consider the well-known spacetime interval triangle: where SPACE (one side of the right triangle) is being generated by all these quantum type momentary bindings that end up as a steady scalar type repulsion.

Now consider TIME to be the RATE that electron A is receiving these momentary vector quantum type bindings and use time as the other side of the famed spacetime interval triangle.

The hypotenuse of this triangle then becomes c, which remains invariant as the spacetime interval.



SPACE is caused by the out of phase difference between all electrons (stars & galaxies too?).

TIME is the phase RATE of each individual electron.

You would indeed have both general relativity and quantum theory with this concept.

Thus was Milo Wolff able to give us those two very important scalar mathematical formulas for the electron and its spin.

So c is not a speed but merely the spacetime interval (for one particular spacetime realm).

Therefore our idea of speed being so much space (in an infinite amount of space) in so much time (in an infinite amount of time) is basically flawed.


Maybe Milo Wolff and the quantum theorists are right. Perhaps the electron does NOT spin like a top.

Perhaps there is really no such thing as motion anywhere. The fact that c remains a constant implies this.

Perhaps it's all these vector and scalar resonances making us humans see it as space, time and motion when it's really all frequencies and phases.

And Milo Wolff's scalar resonances ALL of which have a 90 degree gyro torque.


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