ANSWER to how this entire universe is built is this one, simple building principle!
Issued: July 10th 2018.

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Sent this to Milo Wolff but it should be of interest to many others.


I do, like you, know several other languages but we all can get additional help FREE from:


and for some really off beat languages:

and this one (below) shows you how you can screw up in translating with the above.

Keep a copy of this page.


Make a folder "Translation" in your favorites menu and add these pages to it.

You need them ALL because each only covers specific languages.


web page

Milo Wolff <> wrote:

On Jul 10, 2004, at 8:31 AM, Zeus wrote:

> Milo - I see you haven't tried fooling with the WSM site at Wikipedia
> yet - It's EASY
> ?

Hi Zeus,
I have been drowning in necessary work but I will get to it.

Can you really write in German, Spanish, Swedish and Italian?


Yes, Milo

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.



Thank you,

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