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Euclidean geometric motion

used by Newton


Our concept of motion is that it will appear to obey Newton's laws and fit into a framework of Euclidean geometry so we will call it Euclidean geometric motion.

A cumbersome form of Euclidean geometry and Euclidean geometric motion was being used by the Egyptians, to build the pyramids, five thousand years before Euclid.

The basic concept now known as Euclidean geometry and Euclidean geometric motion has been, therefore, indelibly impressed upon the human mind for well over seven thousand years now.

The effects of the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1881 have done but little to dispel absolute belief in the human mind's acceptance of the truth that what we see as motion is true Euclidean geometric motion.

Yet if we look at all the speeds possible, right up to the speed of light, then we see that true Euclidean geometric motion is possible for only .0001 of the range of speeds available.

Both the planet Mercury and comets travel at about .00017 of the speed of light and this is a bit fast for true Euclidean geometric motion. Einstein's relativity corrections must be used at this speed and all speeds above this.

This tells us our concept of motion, that all of us so firmly believe in, is really a very poor concept. It was derived via human minds along the principle involved in Occam's razor long before anyone knew about relativity.

So the one inescapable conclusion, that we can come to, is that Euclidean geometric motion is a very poor concept indeed. And this is indeed our present concept of motion.

Quantum theorists have a firm belief that our concept of motion does not exist in the microcosm.

While that is not exactly factual, what is true is the type of motion that we see here does not exist at all in the microcosm.

This is true in spite of the fact that we can calculate exactly the amount of angular momentum produced via various types of spin and orbital motion in the microcosm.

Motion does exist in the microcosm but it exists at a far different spacetime interval than our motion here. This is because the microcosm is in a far different spacetime realm than we are here.


The concept of motion

Its one saving grace


Yet we are forced to use this concept of Euclidean geometric motion because we have invented absolutely nothing yet to take its place.


Our concept of motion is that it is true Euclidean geometric motion. Both the Michelson-Morley experiment and Einstein's relativity have proven this is definitely not so.

So this, plus quantum theory, is sending us a message that our concept of motion is basically wrong.

Quantum theory and string theory both emphasize the fact that this is really and all resonance universe. Dr. Milo Wolff agrees with this and adds that the electron is a scalar, standing wave resonance.

Once one realizes that not only the electron but all entities are scalar, standing wave resonances then we must look at the importance of utilizing our concept of motion such as Feynman realized the importance of the concept of motion in his QED.

.See, we don't have the super-computers yet to show us what is really going on in this all resonance universe.

Stephen Wolfram correctly assumes in his "A New Kind of Science" that these future super-computers will give us all the answers.

But since we don't have these computers yet but we do have this concept of motion that our ancestors perhaps have inadvertently given us.

Ampere's Laws show us how important this concept of motion is even though it may be wrong.

These spherical, scalar, standing wave entities that we see both in the microcosm and macrocosm do seem to be obeying this concept of motion most of the time so this gives us a valuable tool to use both here and in the microcosm as well.

As all quantum physicists know the quanta of energy is changed by changing either the quantity of mass or wavelength or voltage. All of those terms alone are really quantifications of energy.

Last but not least is the fact discovered by Dr. Milo Wolff, that the motion of the electron is quantified in energy amounts of the de Broglie wavelength similar to what one finds with the Doppler change in frequency with motion. Even more interesting is another fact that the electron is a scalar standing wave collection of numerous quanta and each one of these quanta is also of the de Broglie wavelength.

Do you see what this is telling you?

Not only is energy quantized but the detection of motion itself seems to be quantized as well in units of energy of the same building blocks that the entity moving is built from.



a unification

a NEW Science Tool

Fitz's Universal Spacetime Resonance Laws

Why E = mc2

Aufbau Laws


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