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Joe Sixpack may show no interest in this book. But the fascist terrorist states most certainly will.

Can Fitzpatrick's paradigm shift be right?

Here's what he says:

"This is the most incredible true story anyone has ever told. It will be talked about as long as humans are here. Others may tell it better than I have. I merely have been able to tell it first.

We now have the answer Einstein was looking for, but this universe is far different from that described by most present science laws. It is a scalar, standing wave universe and it resembles instead what we see in the quantum world but simply a lower frequency thereof with a slightly different symmetry.

If enough universities remain asleep, while one nation puts sufficient time and resources into this brand new kind of science, then that nation will not only have cheap controllable fusion power with radioactive waste existing only for microseconds instead of millions of years but it will also have enough sophisticated weaponry, to keep the rest of the world as its virtual slaves, for many thousands of years.

Forty years ago Lincoln Barnett, who wrote "The Universe and Dr. Einstein" and many general relativity articles for the Britannica, sent me an approving letter for my discovery, stated in my First Book, about the possibility of using Ampere's Laws to unify the fundamental invisible forces.

It took all those many years to entirely figure it out but here it is now:

Dr. Milo Wolff's brilliant mathematical proof that both the electron and its spin are scalar, standing waves with a finite portion (the Hubble limit) of their same frequency surroundings has fallen on deaf ears and so has Saul Perlmutter's insistence that gravity's equal and opposite repulsive force (Einstein's cosmological constant) exists, holding all the stars and galaxies apart.

These two scientists have given us the final pieces of the master puzzle that show us this is a simple universe to understand. Scientists before them have given us other important pieces of the puzzle and they too have been mostly ignored by the universities.

Kurt Gödel proved that if we were confined in a subset realm—like here on earth—without being able to see out far enough then we might believe that our science laws were universal truths when this would be far from the truth and this is exactly what has happened.

Berkeley, then Mach, then Maxwell all told us surroundings were involved (Mach's principle) but since this did not mix well with present science and made the math too difficult, it was simply given lip service and largely ignored by the universities. Now, thanks to Dr. Milo Wolff, we have the very first mathematical proof of Mach's Principle.

Many quantum scientists dislike seeing this as motion in the world of the electron but we do have good and sufficient spectrographic evidence of angular momentum orbit changes and spin changes, in the microcosm, the same as when orbits and spins change here. Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize for showing us the orbit changes and some years later Dirac showed us the fine structure evidence of spin changes. So there is sufficient evidence the electron does orbit and spin.

Resonances are the main key here and in the microcosm. Quantum theorists are correct, it is all resonances in the microcosm but by using resonances, that react with their surroundings, we have a major problem.

Quantum mechanics fell into a "Catch 22". They found the right answer before they received the computers, programming and entire theory that could utilize that correct answer.

Stephen Wolfram got it right. The correct answer is far too complicated for our minds to to deal with a mathematical solution to it right now. Yes, we are certain of these resonances. We will need future super-computers for accurately analyzing those. But what you can get today is an exact overall view of what's going on in this entire universe by using a simple model of different frequency spin/orbit systems. I completely agree with Stephen Wolfram when he says, "simple models can work-even when what they're explaining seems very complex." In this particular case, of unifying the invisible forces, Stephen Wolfram is right on the mark.

You don't have to be a math or science expert to see how everything works. Dirac predicted we would get to see a simple picture as to how magnetism, gravity, the strong and weak forces are really working. Here it is, right now, in this book.

You will see the "big picture" of the unification of gravity, magnetism and the strong and weak forces. You will see why magnetic attractions are really the same as sigma and pi chemical bondings. And the standing wave action, which is the basis for the laws used, show us why we have motion, space and time and even life itself because things that reproduce stay here and things that don't, don't. Standing waves utilize the energy of their same frequency surroundings to reproduce themselves and stay here.

In radio we constantly look for ways to eliminate all the standing waves we can but in this universe it's just the opposite and this universe uses them as its master building blocks."

And this is but a fraction of what is in Fitzpatrick's revolutionary, new book

VERY LATEST IN SCIENCE: Do Ampere's Laws give us the final answer to DARK MATTER?

7-7-2017.The final answer to the cause of Dark Matter.htm

Final and SIMPLE answer to the DARK MATTER attractive force.

In Word: 7-7-2017.Answer to DARK MATTER.doc

7-7-2017 Answer to DARK MATTER also in Adobe.pdf - 7-7-2017.Answer to DARK MATTER.pdf

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SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966

Fitz's 1966 book in PDF

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Charles Scott's ASTRONOMY e-book

It's one of the very best e-books on Astronomy ever written.

Well, I see he's reduced it to a fraction of what it once was. But anything he writes is well worth reading.

True, universal, global science must be built upon a basis of logic. This logic foundation can only be laid after these invisible forces are unified.

You simply cannot have a logical foundation for your science until these fundamental invisible forces are unified.

Once you see how these invisible forces are unified then you will know what is going on. Until then, you won't.

If your science gives you a picture of these forces being one and the same-as shown in this book-then this is true, universal, global science.

If your science shows you different type forces-as present science does-for all these invisible forces then that science is merely local gauge theory and utterly worthless in seeing the big picture of how this entire universe works.

Concentrated in the wrong hands, this information could lead to the end of life as we now know it. Research activities in university systems are generally dependent on either government or private funding, and the course of research is most often dictated or influenced by the interests of the funder.

Unfortunately for us, the research process in the United States has missed some very important and easily available information that could eventually impact the balance of world power.

"I have been amazed at just how many issues central to the foundations of the existing sciences I have been able to address by using the idea of thinking in terms of simple programs". .Stephen Wolfram