A Theory of Everything that really unifies the 4 fundamental forces - Basics given to us by Ampere almost 200 years ago?
Einstein was right - It is simple. . But the math won't be easy. . Dirac was also right, we can see an approximation of it all.

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The T.O.E. that eluded Einstein . . . Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything

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Fitz's Theory of Everything:

Yahoo Theory of Everything Group

Perlmutter's discovery - Fitz

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the Arthur H. Comton Science Lectures

The Official String Theory Web Site

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Grand Unified Theories written by S. Raby 2002 (Ohio State University

a short excerpt from QED - feynman

Why do we have 2 dimensions of space and 1 of time?

Relative Motion? May - 2004

Only half the story June - 2004

Relative Motion July 2004

Quantum Gravity August 2004

Why it's space-time. October 2004

The Electron by Milo Wolff

General relativity, quantum mechanics and entanglement

The intangible Universe

Gabriel "Hits the Jackpot"

Let's say we agree, Milo

Quantum Coupling Concept

a QUESTION for theoretical physicists

Latest on light and heat quanta -- from Fitzpatrick

Quantum Theory vs General Relativity -- from Fitzpatrick

It is not what present science considers - but what it totally disregards - that is of the utmost importance.

Rhodes Scholar, celebrated physicist, Dr. Milo Wolff recently mathematically proved that SPACE is nothing more than an immense sea of waves generated by our surroundings. . Milo Wolff presents a new model to those who dislike spooky action at a distance: A gyroscope that holds to the fixed stars via Mach's principle, holds not directly to the fixed stars but to all the waves, surrounding the gyroscope, that those fixed stars generate.

In both magnetism and chemical bonding, an attraction between two electrons occurs whenever the closest sides of these electrons are moving in the same direction. . This is Milo Wolff's Minimum Amplitude Principle and it's reminiscent of Ampere's 1825 long wire laws . . Wolff's MAP and these 1825 laws clearly show us the SOURCE of the vector wave forces that Wheeler and Feynman tried to find.

That SOURCE was discovered by Milo Wolff and it is nothing more than the 720 degree spin rotation of the electron which is also nothing more than a scalar wave resonance.

Once you know -- as present science does -- that an individual quantum of energy loses no energy from a distant star to your eye but in a multitude of quanta the energy falls off with the square of the distance then you must come to Fitzpatrick's conclusion that quanta are chance binding encounters and it is the amount of these chance binding encounters that are falling off with the square of the distance.

We can see that h (Planck's constant) is also angular momentum like h-bar but it's simply constant precession over a longer time period (entire orbital drop). . Each light wave is produced as the electron precesses in and out of the collapsing orbital.

It's derived similar to the way tidal energy is produced -- by two separate entities -- nucleus and a sigma type bond from a distant electron. . . This can be seen as similar to the earth's tides produced by a pull from two separate entities -- the sun and the moon. . D.P.Fitzpatrick Jr.

Atom in a Box

Young's experiment

A letter to theoretical physicists

Let's look at Milo Wolff's WSM

Rhodes Scholar Milo Wolff discuses WSM (Wave Structure of Matter)

Importance of the surroundings - Milo Wolff


Not only has Milo Wolff shown us how the electron is built and why it has spin, but also Milo Wolff has, undoubtedly, given us the mathematical method for determining the scalar wave principle that builds not only the electron but ALL these spherical standing wave permanent particles.

The cause of all spins, orbits and precessions must now be seen as scalar resonances with similar frequency items in the surroundings.

Milo Wolff's mathematical method is extremely important because it utilizes the surroundings in its solution, thereby being the very first mathematical proof of Mach's Principle.

Theoretically, once we know the quark frequencies, we can use Milo Wolff's method to construct all the electron orbitals.

There is no similar mathematical method yet to determine the vector forces between ALL these spherical standing wave entities.

These spherical entities have spin, precession and they orbit, all of which produce distinctive frequency vector forces.

The "A" Laws do seem to give a fair approximation of ALL these vector forces where the surroundings must also be considered.

These "A" Laws not only do this but they also seem to show you exactly how space and time are being produced and they show that all the invisible forces are derived by changing the space-time interval.

The "A" Laws

Ampere's 1825 Laws

"The reason these "A" Laws work is that this universe is built on an extraordinarily simple principle via an endless multitude of vector waves that produce lower frequency spherical standing wave, scalar wave resonances that, in turn, produce space-time by spinning, orbiting and precessing.

Einstein told us that the force of gravity was really a space-time distortion. . All forces are merely space-time distortions.

A maximum of space-time is produced between non-aligned vector waves.

A minimum of space-time - similar to worm holes in string theory - is produced between vector waves that are in phase .

This leads, in turn, to production of vector attractive forces between the closest in phase sides of all such spinning spherical resonances and in the direction of the axis of each spin, orbit or precession.

These vector forces, in turn, combine to produce lower frequency, hence lower energy, scalar resonances, which in turn, spin, precess and orbit thereby producing still lower frequency space-time and its related vector forces and this goes on and on: . Thus is our universe built from the microcosm to the macrocosm." . D. Fitzpatrick

The importance of associating attractive forces with in phase waves and repulsive forces with out of phase waves has been with us a long time and is known as "superposition" of waves.


Ira's view of Scientists

NATURE Science Magazine

FREE - Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science

FREE - Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

2,500 FREE science e-books

April 2004 Letter

Milo Wolff wrote:

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