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The following scientists have made gigantic contributions to science relegating much, presently being taught in the universities, to the scrap heap of fiction. . Further on in this web page I'll be discussing a bit about each of these scientists and why their work is so important. . What they say supports what Fitzpatrick says in his TOE e-books that I added to this server in June of 2002.

Stephen Hawking was the first to show us that the singularity does indeed exist and it is not some aberration of tensor math as most theoretical physicists had thought. . , For Hawking's spot. . Click Here

Recently Milo Wolff became the very first scientist to mathematically prove the surroundings are entering into all of this (Mach's Principle) Explanation. . For Milo Wolff's Quantum Science Corner. . Click Here

Not long ago Saul Perlmutter proved the existence of Einstein's cosmological constant . . For Saul Perlmutter's Supernova Cosmology Project. . Click Here

Tom Van Flandern proves gravity's speed is MUCH faster than light because NO aberration (propagation delay) is being seen with gravity and it is being seen with light. . .Tom Van Flandern - University of Maryland published "fermions are quantized and bosons are unquantized.". . .quantized fermions and unquantized bosons

Lately, theoretical physicist Stephen Wolfram published his discovery that future super computers will show us this universe's secrets. . . Stephen Wolfram . . Official Web Page

"The universities are like diamond mines.
They generate tons of debris through which one must search, in order to find a miniscule amount of something of value" . . D. P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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If you have any interest in science then read this following web page.
It eliminates tons of garbage and greatly simplifies science. . It will put you a quantum leap ahead of the pack in understanding relativity and quantum mechanics.

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Bill Gates is working on "Longhorn", Explanation which will greatly simplify computers.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything is the "Longhorn" of science. . It greatly simplifies science. . Using these simple Aufbau Laws or "A" Laws, you can actually understand how everything in this universe works including special relativity (easiest to learn) and general relativity Explanation (hardest to learn).

Fitzpatrick's "A" Laws - that have many of the aspects of string theory - give us the very first, simple, understandable unified field answer because all forces are seen as space-time creations similar to genaral relativity.

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