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I saw the term "Phase" was more appropriate than "Relative Motion" about 20 years ago. - - Dan Fitz.

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Dr. Milo Wolff and the string theorists are right about this being a resonance universe. . ALL forces can be unified by being seen simply as resonances.

Resonances also explain Einstein's "Principle of Equivalence" or why gravity is equivalent to an acceleration or force

. And resonances can explain why forces can also be seen, as an extra production of space, as they are seen in general relativity.

Spacetime is frequency conscious.

Out of phase resonances are constantly producing space or a repelling force between themselves while in phase resonances produce no space between themselves or an attractive force between themselves.

Gravity, for instance, then becomes a bi-polar force similar to magnetism with the spinning stars all repelling each other similar to the spinning electrons that repel themselves ONLY when free as the stars.

A geodesic, in general relativity, then becomes a force-balanced path where an AVERAGE BALANCE of in phase to out of phase resonances is strictly maintained.

You, for instance, are then attracted to this earth because while traveling on this geodesic, with this earth, there are more in phase resonances, than average, between you and the earth while there are more out of phase resonances, than average, between you and the surrounding universe. This, by the way, brings Mach's principle into gravitational as well as inertial situations.

This shows, btw, that attractive forces are NEVER possible when spinning entities are totally FREE. . Attractive forces are only possible between entities when things are "locked" like you are to the earth or in magnetism or sigma and pi bonding when electrons are "locked" on certain orbitals where an above average of in phase resonances can be generated between those entities.

The spinning stars (and totally free electrons too) then repel themselves because of all the out of phase resonances being generated between them .

Total in phase resonances MUST equal total out of phase resonances. -or- The total of ALL the individual GRAVITATIONAL attractive forces holding each star together MUST equal ALL the opposite repelling forces keeping all the stars apart (Einstein's cosmological constant - that Saul Perlmutter has proven exists).

Future super computers will explain this all to us but until then you can simply use Ampere's Laws to get the approximation that Dirac predicted we would someday see.

Or use The "A" Laws for a longer explanation or The Aufbau Laws for a really short explanation.

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