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Einstein's photon

to Dr. Milo Wolff:

Your Wave Structure of Matter explained on Milo Wolff's webSite is the only method that will give us Einstein's photon. Your WSM is also the only known concept that shows us exactly what space and time are. I thought this was important enough to write this note to you.

A photon quantum of energy is derived from the release of binding energy between a spin up-spin down electron pair. A spin up and spin down electron, spinning in the same spin plane and both in orbitals of the same size and configuration (same impedance), can create a sigma bond between them. A quantum chunk of binding energy is released as this bond is severed and the orbital size reduced of the electron in the detector (which can be your eye) thus creating the photon quantum of light energy.

"binding energy." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica 2009 Deluxe Edition. Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica, 2009.

"amount of energy required to separate a particle from a system of particles or to disperse all the particles of the system. Binding energy is especially applicable to subatomic particles in atomic nuclei, to electrons bound to nuclei in atoms, and to atoms and ions bound together in crystals."

It's matter that comes to us in a wave form, not light. Light has to be delivered as a quantum of energy - an Einstein photon traveling at the speed of light. Light has to be a quantum chunk .

This note, Milo, concerns three very important features of your Wave Structure of Matter: that light cannot go beyond the Hubble limit and that the electron frequency and its spin frequency are both scalar, standing waves.

The tensor math of general relativity equates force with the curvature of space - more or less space - so if the electron spin frequency creates magnetic force then it also creates the space portion of spacetime and if this is so then the main scalar frequency of the electron must be creating the time portion.

Electrons repel each other EXCEPT in two positions:

1. same spin and also on the same spin axis. (pi bond)

2. a spin up-spin down pair of electrons spinning in the same equatorial spin plane. (sigma bond)

We know in chemical bonding that you can never have a pi bond without having a sigma bond first so this shows us that if only one bond is involved with light then it must be a sigma bond.

Now make both of these bonds the same strength all the way out to the Hubble limit where they abruptly cease entirely.

Make the number of these bonding pairs decrease with the square of the distance.

Again, you have shown we have two important scalar frequencies the electron main scalar frequency and its spin.

If the electron spin frequency is creating force and space then the main electron scalar frequency must be creating time.

Space is the out of phase amount the spin frequency gradually becomes between two entities - as distance increases between those two entities - and time is the out of phase amount the main scalar frequency gradually becomes as time changes.

Make inertial mass, centrifugal force, and gyroscopic inertia things that happen because of more bonding with the "fixed stars" - Mach's principle.

Now make energy simply happening in a quantum chunk whenever distant binding with the fixed stars changes to closer binding (remember now all bonds are the same strength out to the Hubble limit and only their number changes with the square of the distance.

For more about obtaining binding energy from mass you might want to read:

With a spin up-spin down pair of electrons only a tiny portion (the closest sides) - a quantum chunk - of these electrons are in phase (going in the same direction). Only a quantum chunk is in phase. In other words space has entirely disappeared between these two quantum chunks of this bound electron pair.

When an electron in your eye releases a distant sigma bond from a distant star then that far distant binding pull of the electron away from its nucleus is severed. After that bond is severed the electron in your eye has to drop closer to its nucleus and a quantum chunk of released binding energy is created in your eye.

This satisfies relativity because you have 2 sides of the triangle with one space and the other time and the hypotenuse the spacetime interval. The spacetime interval can NEVER change. only the other two sides of the triangle can change.

BUT if you remove the space side of the triangle entirely then the time side becomes the same size as the spacetime interval so the spacetime interval stays the same.

In other words you satisfy relativity as long as you and the star stay inside the same Minkowski light cone. This happens, because now with space gone the light cone shrinks to the time line and you remain on the time line: (The main scalar frequency of the two electrons remain the same phase difference). You and the star remain inside the Minkowski light cone.

It's Matter that is the wave structure, not light.

So Wave Structure of Matter is right after all and so is Dr. Milo Wolff.

(I'll post this around, Milo. Light turns out to be an incredibly fast modulating space wave, where space is increasing and decreasing. It is not a transverse wave, which is the present scientific view. With a frequency so exceptionally high it's best to see it exactly as Einstein saw it, as a photon quantum chunk .)




Only Wave Structure of Matter can give us a photon.

The present science concept unfortunately can't.

Stephen Wolfram, a top mathematician, stated only simple things can be mathematically explained; you cannot explain something complicated - particularly our universe - unless you use a model. I knew what Wolfram knew and used a myriad of models - over four decades - in Einstein type thought experiments coupled with reverse engineering. I kept changing models until finally perfecting a model that unified the forces and gave perfect answers as to what was happening in the micro and macro worlds along with our spacetime realm here. I learned this system of scientific reasoning well while troubleshooting for various airlines.


A clear, short picture:

And see:

Also see: for a more in depth model of our universe

You will find a lot more than this at:


Unification of the forces can now be done by using the concept of phase and the relative motion laws Ampere gave us:

Ampere's Laws

Aufbau Laws

Ampere's Universal Particle/Motion Law

There's a lot more too.

And this you can find out by buying my latest book Universities Asleep at the Switch at or by reading it FREE simply by clicking the following links: (This link is faster if you have dial up.) (This is the book FREE in Adobe.)

Thanks for reading this. Let me know what YOU think.

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