1966 book showed the
relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966
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know about Dark Matter particles - (WIMPs).

This was the way the site --below-- looked many years ago, Dan Fitz.

"And so it could be with fundamental physics. Underneath the laws of physics as we know them today it could be that there lies a very simple program from which all the known laws--and ultimately all the complexity we see in the universe--emerges.

To suppose that our universe is in essence just a simple program is certainly a bold hypothesis. But in the second part of this chapter I will describe some significant progress that I have made in investigating this hypothesis, and in working out the details of what kinds of simple programs might be involved.

There is still some distance to go. But from what I have found so far I am extremely optimistic that by using the ideas of this book the most fundamental problem of physics--and one of the ultimate problems of all of science--may finally be within sight of being solved."

These are the words of Stephen Wolfram on page 434 in his best selling book "A New Kind of Science".

He came to these conclusions while working with cellular automata.

I came to these same conclusions after realizing that this universe we are in is really a
very simple frequency or resonance universe with a vast spectrum of spinning scalar wave entities that produce space, time and force by being either more in phase or more out of phase with their nearest neighbors and their surroundings.

I wrote a book about it.

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And I was able to make a prediction:

Binary stars of the same mass will have opposite spins.


Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.