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Why do we have the principle of equivalence?


First, let's look at a definition of the principle of equivalence from the Britannica:

Quoting from the Britannica 2009 DVD "equivalence principle: fundamental law of physics that states that gravitational and inertial forces are of a similar nature and often indistinguishable."

The Britannica 2009 DVD also says, ". . . Einstein expressed these ideas in his deceptively simple principle of equivalence, which is the basis of general relativity: on a local scale-meaning within a given system, without looking at other systems-it is impossible to distinguish between physical effects due to gravity and those due to acceleration."

Well, I'll put my summary in too: The force of our earth's gravity is equivalent to an apparent acceleration of 32 ft per second squared.

Let's keep those three definitions firmly in our mind as we look further into this principle of equivalence.

Anyway, gravity = an apparent acceleration but why?

The answer can be found in the term c2 in Einstein's famous formula E=mc2.

Let's look at something else Einstein discovered:

Here is a quote from the Britannica 1997 CD telling about Einstein's tensor math which "led him to an essentially unique tensor equation for the law of gravitation, in which gravitation emerged not as a force but as a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime."

Einstein is actually telling you more about what space is:

As you see in the above Britannica quote, there is no such thing as force in the tensor math of General Relativity. What you actually get - greatly simplifying things - is more space, than average, where repulsive force exists between two objects. In addition, there is less space, than average, existing between two gravitational objects that have an attractive force between them.

Now, you don't have to know the tensor math of GR but you do have to know it works or you wouldn't even have GPS today.

So essentially what Einstein discovered is that you can have either more or less space: therefore space is not simply empty space.

Space is something that is being produced and GR shows you that the same thing that produces force also produces space.

It's important that you know this much of GR: Space and force are produced by the same thing.

We know magnetic force is produced by the electron spin. We also know quarks are attracted to other quarks via the quark spin frequency:

When and if you click those links at the end of this paper and read that other material then you will see all the reasoning behind all of the following but essentially this is what is happening:

From the spin frequency of the electron we get magnetic force, chemical bonding, c (the speed of light) and our space.

But our space is in the realm of the electron; our space is not in the realm of the quark.

Quark spin frequencies are all higher harmonics of the electron spin frequency. This results in a mean quark spin frequency, which is the square of the electron spin frequency, giving us the strong force, c2 (the speed of light squared) which is our space times our space or an apparent acceleration.


What this also means is that while the spin of the electron produces the magnetic force, the spin of the quark produces inertia, centrifugal force and gravity, which because of c2 will always be seen having this apparent acceleration.

As Wheeler and Nobel laureate Feynman showed: we will not be able to measure this more compressed space of the quark like we do our space but we will be able to detect it and we do. We detect it as acceleration.

Now you know why gravity acts on all matter regardless of the electron structure. Gravity is a quark spin frequency action.


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