SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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To: Charles Scott,

Even though you end up saying this has no scientific standing none-the-less I think you have really got something here.

I'll tell you why: I've worked in electronics all my life and have all the Federal licenses and have come to the conclusion that if we merely move to various, correct, different reference frames then we can see it as simply relative
MOTION that is causing everything.

I now know beyond any doubt that it is our single reference frame viewpoint that condemns us seeing these forces as plus and minus charges and magnetic lines of force.

When viewed correctly it is ALL nothing but MOTION

Feyhman saw this too: (click this link)

So if it all can be boiled down to MOTION then you may really have
something here.


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<kopernik2@k...> wrote:

> There it is - for everyone to read and criticize. However, the subject matter will not appeal to normal people, and the thing as a whole is poorly written, and not in a fancy website format.

> An excerpt, page 100, of
"The Backside of the Universe" is below.
> The galaxy - now that's a "Perfect Storm".
> It's an easy task, due to the similarities of profile and mobility, to compare terrestrial storms with galaxies in the bigger universe. A storm starts off as ill defined and raggedly. So does a
galaxy. Over warm water a storm
> NGC 3982, Credit: E.S.A. S. Smartt
> develops as a depression and begins to assume a roundish shape.
The irregularly shaped young galaxy becomes elliptical in form at a comparable stage. When a storm reaches the hurricane category it is
disk shaped with an 'eye' in the center surrounded by out-reaching in-spiraling arms. You could say the same for the mature spiral galaxy.
> The same physical forces fashion and motivate these two bodies.
Magnetic and electric forces in the earthly storm act to prepare moisture in the (charged) air to become rain. The contrast between the heat from the ocean and the cool of the upper atmosphere
completes the process. As moisture in the water vapor is squeezed out as torrents of rain, this creates a partial vacuum which causes more water vapor to surge in at a high velocity. The in rushing air begins to spiral. The process of high condensation > rain > low pressure > in bound moist air accelerates the formation of the now
hurricane. Electric and magnetic forces (within, above, and below the clouds) do their work. Gravity, from Earth, limits the profile and activities of all these catalytic forces.
> The parallels between earthly storms and galaxies is striking.
Gravity and electromagnetic forces have everything to do with galactic morphology. (As described earlier.) These prompt, even impel, the formation of stars (precipitation) from mostly dark matter. With the rapid utilization of star making materials a vacuity develops which is answered by the in rush of more dark matter from outside the galaxy. As the size of the galaxy grows, due to rapid star formation, this influx accelerates, and the atmosphere of the galaxy begins to twist. Star formation within these spiraling 'arms' delineate the outlines of that inflow.
> As has been noted so many times in the observations of nature described here, the Creator has an "inordinate fondness" for certain
patterns, and uses these over and over, each time with variation. We can indeed add spirals to that list . K2
> [Note that the concepts just described have no scientific standing.]

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