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The importance of

Scalar Waves

(and what they are)


The scalar wave formula for the electron was given to us by Dr. Milo Wolff . . . (Click this link to see it all from Wolff himself.)

Make certain you click and see: Wave Density math for scalar waves.

For even more extensive math of the scalar wave electron see: Dr. Milo Wolff's more extensive math for the electron as a scalar, standing wave.

Later he derived the formula for the electron spin. He admits he was lucky in finding these.

If you type "scalar wave" into Google then you will get all kinds of opinions as to what scalar waves are and after reading many pages, you still won't know. To save time you might as well read this.

But you can go to Google snd type in "wave front" and you will get this from the Britannica:

"wave front

imaginary surface representing corresponding points of a wave that vibrate in unison. When identical waves having a common origin travel through a homogeneous medium, the corresponding crests and troughs at any instant are in phase; i.e., they have completed identical fractions of their cyclic motion, and any surface drawn through all the points of the same phase..."


The important words in the above are "the corresponding crests and troughs at any instant are in phase"

Now imagine an onion where - in each separate layer of onion skin - the waves, making up that particular skin, have their crests and troughs all in phase at the same instant.

This onion phase image, then, is the best picture of a scalar, standing wave that anyone will ever give you.

Oh yes, a spherical scalar wave -- produced via other similar spherical scalar waves in the surroundings -- must always be a standing wave.

You will learn quite a bit about standing waves in Google.

Essentially, standing waves are not absorbed, by the surroundings, while the other waves (frequencies) are.

And this is the secret to the construction of our universe where all particles were/are created as scalar, standing waves.

Why this happens we don't really know but may I proffer my opinion?

It's hard to envisage an infinite universe but it is not hard to envisage an infinite frequency spectrum and this is what I think we have, full of various frequency waves of all sorts.

Every so often just like piano keys, at certain points in this frequency spectrum, scalar standing waves are allowed to develop and remain and are NOT absorbed by the surrounding wave cacophony

These, then, are all our permanent particles.

Fitz (used Zeus e-mail back then)

web page


Fulbright Scholar Milo Wolff answered using Zeus's interleaving:

 >>On Apr 11, 2005, at 8:30 AM, Zeus wrote:

Dr. Milo Wolff answered:

I think you have focused on an important property, Zeus, of the wave structure of the universe = the energy exchange mechanism.

You clearly state that, by definition a STANDING WAVE is not absorbed or exchanged - otherwise it is no longer standing.

Exchanges are always resonant - like two piano strings of the same tone. That is about all there is to exchanges and non-exchanges.

Simple no?

Thus... Don't you agree that the Universe is the way it is because it only takes on the wave structures allowed by the rules?

The rules of waves in space.

The Universe is very simple because ALL the rules are contained in Principle I (the Scalar Wave equation) and Principle II (medium density), and of course 'space' itself. These rules create the Atomic Table and that leads to ALL the millions of different metals/atoms/molecules/compounds. We can't ever calculate them all, but the rules are so simple that we understand how it works.

You could almost say "We are all made of onions!"

Hence, - We understand the Universe. QED

The only thing we don't understand is 'space' - the wave medium. What is it? How did it get there? Why does it have these wave properties? I also don't understand: Why do people keep on speculating on useless other things, discrete particles that don't exist, math that applies to nothing, when ALL their questions are answered by the Wave Structure of Matter? Especially when the real remaining problem is SPACE!

Attacking that question has a real payoff.

I think it is vanity - Most people play an endless gamble hoping that an old idea they once had will turn fruitful. Vanity is very blind. Wheels spin.


(Milo Wolff answering using Zeus's (DPF Jr.) interleaving)

Zeus. You have got it! i.e. Standing wave resonances exist in an infinite sea of quantum waves.




Milo Wolff then added:

>> Exchanges are always resonant - like two piano strings of the same tone. That is about all there is to exchanges and non-exchanges>>




Yes, spin/orbital frequencies are always resonant like two strings of a piano. These are your energy binding exchanges and inertial mass binding exchanges.

Scalar resonances are STANDING WAVE resonances that are NEVER absorbed, NEVER bind, nor link with similar standing wave resonances by THEMSELVES.

They link ONLY via their spin and orbital vector frequencies.

Be sure to read about how these scalar, standing wave resonances attract when their spins are in phase with each other






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